National Immunisation Program

Our practice has specially qualified Nurse Immunisers who administer all government funded vaccination programs after completing a pre-vaccination screening process, including: 

  • Childhood vaccination programs, including catch up schedules
  • Annual influenza vaccine clinics
  • Adolescents and at-risk groups vaccinations (pregnancy, school program, age related pneumococcal & shingles vaccines, and medically indicated groups)
  • COVID-19 vaccination programs

With all vaccinations, we ensure they are immediately uploaded to the Australian Immunisation Record, so you can be assured your vaccination history is always up to date.

Travel Advice

It is important to get relevant travel advice and immunisation before you travel abroad to other countries. While you are likely to have the immunisations needed to live in Australia, there may be other immunisations you require to protect yourself from diseases prevalent at your destination.  In some countries you may need protection from diseases such as Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Yellow Fever, Japanese Encephalitis, Rabies or Malaria. You should allow plenty of time prior to your departure date to speak to one of our experienced doctors to find out about the health risks you should be aware of whilst overseas.

Travel vaccinations are not covered by Medicare or the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme so you will need to obtain a prescription from your GP and collect from your pharmacy of choice. You will require a follow up appointment to have these administered. It is important that travel vaccinations are not stored in a domestic refrigerator prior to administration, please collect on route to your appointment or deliver to the medical centre prior to your appointment for safe storage. Our practice can provide you with a copy of your vaccination history and your doctor can also prescribe you appropriate medications to take with you on your journey such as anti-malaria tablets. 

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